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A Look At Rival Software

One of the most famous online casino software designers and developers as well as distributors is Rival Gaming. Rival Gaming is well known for creating and providing some of the most leading edge and sophisticated designs in software that provide the very best in top quality, feature rich, highly realistic and entertaining casino gaming software. The crowning feature of Rival Gaming online casino software is the high level of safety inherent in the online casino software platform.

An Overview Of The Rival Brand

The Rival Gaming brand was founded in two thousand and six and has grown significantly to date. Rival Gaming is actually owned by an even more reputable and well established corporate giant, Black Chip Ltd which is based in Cyprus. Rival Gaming is a comparatively small company when stacked up against rival companies like Microgaming and Cryptologic but this does not mean that the online casino platform that Rival Gaming provides is not highly competitive and is considered by many to be one of the very best in the industry. The Rival Gaming brand features games with high visual appeal characterised by fresh graphics, fast installation times, cross platform accessibility and high customer user friendliness.

Rival Games Selections

While Rival Gaming may be a relatively small online casino software provider they nevertheless have earned a reputation for providing highly innovative and creative online casino games, a prime example of this is the highly innovative and creative signature game called Interactive slots which is a progressive video slots game that is well known all over the online casino industry.

Interactive slots, known as iSlots are considered to be one of the most advanced interactive and progressive slots currently available on the web and form the spearhead of its innovative and unique interactive games series. The series is highly entertaining with extremely sophisticated graphics and the most up to date realistic sound effects but every game also includes an interesting story line. There are also a number of mini games that feature within every one of the iSlots range which helps to add even more entertainment and interest and excitement value.

Battlestar Galactica Slots Game

Rival Software Game - Battlestar GalacticaMicrogaming has been granted a license to design a much anticipated Battlestar Galactica themed slots game. Battlestar Galactica is a popular Sci-Fi series with a massive following. All fans will be thrilled when they see the amazing attention to detail that has gone into the design of this themed slots game.

Rival Software Game – Atlantis

Rival Software Game - AtlantisThe Atlantis slots game is based on the legend of the lost city of Atlantis. This particular Microgaming slots game has grown popular partially because of its reputation for paying out well. This 3 reel, 1 line slots game is user friendly and the perfect option for a newcomer or a player who is looking for a slots game that simple and straight forward while still being very entertaining.The underwater theme is quite fun and there are 9 different combos that can result in a win for the player. If you are considering the Atlantis slots game then be sure to have a look at the pay table for a more detailed explanation of what the winning combos are.

Mermaids Millions Slots Game

Rival Software Game - Mermaids MillionsAnother popular slot with an underwater theme, the Mermaid Millions will keep players glued to their computer screens for ages. This five reel slot has fifteen different pay lines to choose from. The design includes pictures of cheerful mermaids, happy sea critters and quite a few undersea treasures.

Players can choose a coin value of between 1c and R1 when playing this Microgaming slots game. The largest accepted bet per spin would be 75 coins with a total value of R75. Many different players with a whole range of different budgets can enjoy this game at an affordable and enjoyable speed. There is a jackpot of seven thousand five hundred coins available that will be awarded to the players that is lucky enough to hit a combination of 5 Wilds when playing the Mermaid Millions slots game.