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Our desire is to become your constant source of information and inspiration around the real online casino, whether you are most interested in the best bonus offers, the latest slot machines, the biggest jackpots or other, game-related themes. Therefore, we always work on the blast to keep ourselves updated and raise our own level of knowledge so that you can do the same.

We promise to do our best in this endeavour and hope to participate in your online casino journey. There will be guaranteed no rectilinear ride, but that's exactly what makes gaming so exciting!

Slots at the real online casino

New slot machines are not only entertaining and exciting, they can also lead to very good bonus offers if you play at the right casino.

Often when a new slot is launched on a loan, start players to compete against each other – this is done in an attempt to be the best casino, and in that way attract more new customers. Thus, users can expect free spins, bonus money and other good bonuses when new games are launched.

An example of such a situation so we as NetEnt launched the three slot machines from NetEnt Rocks series: Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Mötorhead. These three quickly became popular and sought-after. Therefore, there were many online casino that made promotions and offers on exactly these slots.

When such promotions take place we will of course update our readers immediately. To keep up to date you can follow along on our casino news sites, and in our slot reviews.

Play in real time with live real online casino

More and more operators are offering live casino on their websites. Here we tip you about the best live casino pages!

The feature gives players the opportunity to play with a real dealer in real time via live broadcast from the casino venue. At the same time one can talk to other players and the dealer via live chat.

Many people experience the live games as extra engaging and rewarding, because the gameplay becomes both social, more realistic and all-consuming.

Typical games to find in live versions are Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Wheel Of Fortune and various poker variants. If you move into sports betting and betting, you will also be able to play live events (ongoing football matches, boxing matches, biathlon and a wide range of other sports) in many cases.

Live Casino can be played both on desktop PC and portable devices. Read more about mobile casino a little further down this page.

Do you hunt the big Casino jackpot in real online casino?

Jackpot games have in recent years increased sharply in popularity in Norway. Here we will keep you updated and guide you to online casino offering the jackpot you are looking for.

We believe to be able to see a connection with the lucky Norwegian who won NOK 92.4 million in 2011, and believe there were many Norwegian souls who got lit a hope just then.

In the years following the big win, Norway has brought with it many big jackpots and is among the nations that have received the highest winnings worldwide.

Win hundreds of millions at real online casino

A progressive jackpot works so that every time someone plays on it, a portion of the stake will be placed in a common pot. The jackpot is growing progressively, as players bet money on the slot machine. Once in a while we get a lucky casino player who hits the gullfuglen and takes with them the entire winnings. This game form has over the years created many multimillionaires – even individual billionaires. Thus, it is not without reason that people hunt casino jackpot.

Below you will see an overview of the most popular progressive jackpots, with jackpot amounts updated in real time. Click "Play Jackpot" to go to our recommended casino for each jackpot game.  Optionally, you can tap on the game title to read our reviews of the games.

Mobile real online casino for people on the go

In a world where an increasing number of smartphone users know the vast majority of online casino to make themselves available on mobile platforms. We help you find the best mobile casinos on the Norwegian market!

Play online casino right in your mobile browser

Some casino also choose to create their own applications. These are naturally well optimized for mobile use, but also take up memory space on the phone. In addition, most online casino has a regular online version that is very well optimized for mobile use.

Thus, works online version of the casino regardless of whether you use mobile, tablet or PC. Operating system is also irrelevant when using the web version of an online casino, which ensures full compatibility with both Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and iPadOS.

Casino on mobile vs. PC: many advantages

Mobile casino offers many advantages compared to its desktop counterpart. Naturally, one of the biggest moves is that casino on mobile is significantly more accessible: you can play casino right when and where you want. As long as you have your mobile in your pocket, you can enjoy all the most popular casino games.

The range of games adapted to Mobile is also very good these days. Just a couple of years ago, the number of casino games on mobile was significantly lower than on PC. This is no longer the fact, as all the most popular games have acquired a separate mobile version. At the same time, all new casino games with mobile in mind. Thus, it is only some old games with low popularity doesn't work on my phone game, you probably don't want to test anyway.

Welcome gifts with different packaging at real online casino

When you register and/or deposit money for the first time in an online casino, you will in most cases receive a so-called "Welcome bonus". With us you can easily find who has the best welcome packages. Sometimes you also get exclusive offers, only available through

Dear children have many names, and the different bonus terms are often used interchangeably even if they mean different things. To make it as easy as possible for you, we will always be clear on what is the welcome bonus (i.e. the one you get when you sign up), and what bonuses that come after the enrollment.

Read all about casino bonus in our real online casino reviews

For many, the welcome bonus is crucial for which casino you choose to become a member of. Therefore, we focus on detailed information about the bonuses in our reviews, and put them up against the depositing and wagering requirements (to different casino have different requirements for how many times the winnings must be wagered before you can withdraw the money). This information can be found readily available in all of our casino reviews.

Worth knowing about digital gaming, is that many online casino allows you to play for free with Play Money. Then you can test out games without risk before you start betting on them. But winnings won with Play Money, are not real and will therefore not be credited to your player account.

We help you find the best real online casino

If you are looking for a casino (whether it is your first or your next one), we are here to help you with exactly that. We have tested and featured over 200 casino online so that you can easily find the most important information and compare them. Whether you're hunting for the biggest bonuses, looking for specific games, fat promotional prizes, high odds, or low wagering requirements, we've staked out which options are the best for you. Compare all online casinos, and find what suits you very best!

Not long ago we launched our new filter feature, where you can sort casinos by how big the welcome bonus is, how many free spins are given out, wagering requirements, game developers or payment methods. You can also rate the casinos with a focus on casino bonus or free spins.

If you wish, you can click through to the review to read about our experience of the relevant online casino. Here you will find info on everything from bonuses and promotions, design and usability to security and service, game selection and payment.

If you are not completely sure what is most important to you, and want to know more about how online gambling works, you can click around on our website and find useful information. For example, learn how wagering requirements work out, find rules of the game and strategies, and read entertaining articles in our very own blog!