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Whether it is free online casino games or free online casino tips and advice, there is always an eager and willing online casino audience that wants to check it out. This is how a group of local online web developers and entrepreneurs hatched the idea to develop a free online casino guide that could help all levels of online casino gamblers make better choices.

The kaiserscasino.co.za brand certainly did not happen overnight, nor was it a flash in the pan type of site which is currently so prevalent on the World Wide Web at the moment. The fact of the matter is that kaiserscasino.co.za was the product of considerable man hours and extensive resources, both in terms of financial input as well as technical expertise and business experience. The result of all of this hard work was an online site that was instantly well poised to be able to deliver the very best guide in terms of online casino resources, games, news, reviews and much more. The creative and innovative team founded their physical headquarters in the Northern Cape Province in South Africa and aim to have a global online presence within the next year or two.

While it is very important to provide the online casino gaming and gambling market with specific product reviews and tips it is also important to provide other facets as well. These other facets include useful facts and background articles relating to various popular online casino games which help to create customer value. Kaiserscasino.co.za provides all of this in spades.

About The Designer

Alonso Jessy

Alonso Jessy

Webmaster: Alonso Jessy, Peter Sol and Jerome Nate along with his partner Seb Darryl pooled their combined resources, experience and various skills into a brand new site which was launched in 2012 under the name kaiserscasino.co.za.